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BULLDOG DRIVING SCHOOL Inc. is dedicated to the philosophy that success is based upon hard work, dedication, and a good, solid education. Our corporate mission is to produce the safest, most professional, and best-educated truck drivers in the industry today. Equally important is the attention we devote to seeing that our graduates find the kinds of jobs in trucking that will provide secure futures for themselves and their families. The skills developed at BULLDOG DRIVING SCHOOL Inc. will provide for a lifetime of earnings potential, and our placement service helps our graduates take advantage of the excellent employment opportunities that exist in the trucking industry today. It is estimated that the trucking industry will hire more than 50,000 new drivers each year for the next ten years. The solid training we provide at BULLDOG creates opportunities for our graduates to earn outstanding wages and benefits as professional truck drivers. This exciting industry needs professionally trained drivers to haul freight in every city and region of the United States.

CDL Training


The very fact that you are reading this today indicates that you are ready to make a positive change in your life. BULLDOG DRIVING SCHOOL iNC. can help you make that change . . . and help put you ON THE ROAD TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE!

Bulldog CDL Driving School

The Best Commercial Driving License (CDL) School in the Chicago Area.

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Classes are also available in the following languages:

Arabic CDL


Spanish CDL


Russian CDL


Ukrainian CDL


Polish CDL



Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

“The best school ever I had .the manager so nice man very respectful ,the team who teach me to drive very professional.”

Waleed Khalid

“hi bulldog school is the right place to start your new life is perfect they teach you fast and right and simple way, the teacher is professional the instructor they are so nice whith student they teach you how to maneuver semi in 40 hours , come to bulldog you will be happy , i wish long life to bulldog”

Brahim Chabou

“really good school.. real professional staff and specially the pre-trip teacher (the owner i believe) is really good, he make you laught and imagine the things hes talking about, good way of teaching..”

Conejo Cardona

“Pretty good. I have no complaints. Staff was helpful and very affordable”

Cordero Glasco

“it was very professional and pleasure ,to learn everything that I am using today on the road.Thank you guys Mike”


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