CDL Course Info

  • Our course consist of a 160-hour curriculum, to be completed in a minimum 4 weeks or a maximum of 9 months.
  • The course includes classroom theory, range, and behind-the-wheel road driving practice.
  • Each student will practice all maneuvers associated with deliveries and yard jockeying.
  • Students also receive on the highway and behind the wheel driving in city and rural areas.
  • The student will acquire enough experience and confidence to secure all licenses and endorsements to enter the workforce.
  • We can provide academic materials in several languages. We provide truck driving job placement assistance after graduation!
  • We’ll introduce you to the top commercial freight companies in the United States.
  • We have high quality training lot, located 1 mile from school, and our own student truck trailer.

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Begin Your Rewarding Trucking Career with Bulldog Driving School Inc.!


    Before you’re able to drive a commercial truck, you’ll need CDL training to prepare for the test. Bulldog Driving School Inc. offers the affordably priced, individualized instruction you need to pass your exam with flying colors and begin your career.

    So first of all, what does Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training consist of, and what will you be doing on a day-to-day basis in our four-week class? Training for the CDL can be completed in four 40-hour weeks. Your hours will be split between the following:

    • Classroom Instruction
      The classroom portion takes up one-quarter of our four-week course and will teach you the rules and regulations of truck driving. In the classroom, you will receive all the information you need to pass the written portion of the Class A CDL exam.
    • Behind-the-Wheel Training
      Experience behind the wheel is what separates a good driver from an unprepared one. Your 40 hours of training behind the wheel will include practice driving on our course as well as local roads, streets, and highways. Interstate routes will be included to prepare you for the exam, and you’ll get many hours of observation experience to perfect your driving technique.

    CDL Certification Training

    When you decide on Bulldog Driving School Inc., you’ll have the advantage of instructors who are committed and dedicated to your personal success. With only four students per instructor, you’ll receive the individual attention you need every day in the classroom and behind the wheel.

    Getting CDL certification in the Midwest has never been so easy—so don’t delay; give Bulldog Driving School Inc. a call now to choose your training schedule. Begin the career you’ve been waiting for today!


    Are you ready to earn your CDL Class A license? Bulldog Driving School Inc. will give you all the knowledge and practice you need with 4 weeks of instruction in the classroom and in-depth training behind the wheel. Our CDL Class A certification course will prepare you to drive a “Class A” truck in any US state. You will be thoroughly prepared for your exam after 120 hours of practice driving on local and interstate roads and an additional 40 hours in the classroom. So first of all, what exactly is a CDL Class A license, and how can you use it to build a lucrative career?

    Earning a CDL license for a Class A vehicle will allow you to drive a truck that is 26,001 pounds or more, including most tractor trailers. If you’re towing another vehicle, that vehicle should weigh over 10,000 pounds. Because this definition includes so many commercial trucks, a Class A license is one of the most practical and popular licenses for new drivers. Please read on to learn more about the benefits of driving a Class A truck, and how Bulldog Driving School Inc. can prepare you for your exam.

    CDL Class A Certification

    Getting your Illinois Class A certification will help open the door to a higher salary and numerous opportunities for advancement in your field. The new drivers we graduate are in line for jobs with starting salaries of at least $40,000*. Additional experience and endorsements can net you a salary of over $100,000! First and foremost, we provide the best CDL Class A training to make sure we always find our graduates the best jobs.

    Our CDL training involves:

    • 40 hours of classroom training – pass your written test with flying colors!
    • 120 hours of experience driving in the yard, on local streets, highways, and interstate roads

    At Bulldog Driving School Inc., we make getting your CDL license and starting a better career simpler than you ever thought possible. Don’t delay, and give us a call now to begin the career you’ve been waiting for!


    If you’re getting ready to take your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test again, the professionals at Bulldog Driving School Inc. are here to help! Perhaps it’s been a little while since you last attempted the CDL exam, and you want to be certain that you’ll be ready next time you take the test. If so, Bulldog Driving School Inc. is the school for you!

    We provide 160 hours of quality instruction to our students across the Midwest. Our CDL refresher course will prepare you for both the written and behind-the-wheel portions of your exam. As one of the lowest costing CDL school, 160 can help you build a new career for yourself in an industry that pays a starting salary of at least $40,000*. Please read on to learn more!

    CDL Preparation

    Our CDL refresher course is 40 hours a week and can be completed in four weeks. We’re happy to accommodate students who are busy during the day and need night and weekend classes. Our CDL refresher course involves the following training:

    • Classroom
      40 hours of classroom training will more than prepare you for the written portion of your test. Our dedicated teachers will work with you closely to make sure that you pass.
    • Behind the Wheel
      Bulldog Driving School Inc. will help you practice your driving skills on local streets, highways, and busier interstate roads. You’ll be prepared for your exam, which will require you to drive on different types of roads.

    Bulldog Driving School Inc. is completely committed to your success and will assist you in securing a job offer upon graduation. Don’t delay your CDL preparation any longer; give us a call now to begin the career you’ve been waiting for! Check out our Facebook to learn more about the success of our graduates, or contact us to choose your training at any of our convenient school locations throughout the Midwest.

    In order to drive most commercial tractor trailers, you will need a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Passing the CDL exam is required to drive a truck in every state. The CDL test is designed to ensure that all commercial drivers are experts in their field and meet all medical and safety requirements. In order to take the CDL exam and earn an unrestricted interstate CDL, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Be 21 years old
    • Provide a Medical Examiner’s Report showing that you’re healthy enough to drive a truck
    • Be licensed to drive a car
    • Have a valid Social Security Card

    If you meet the above requirements, Bulldog Driving School Inc. is here and ready to help you prepare for your CDL test at one of our many campuses across the Midwest. If you are over 21 and have had no felonies, DUIs, or drug arrests in over 10 years, a commercial trucking company will likely offer you full tuition reimbursement upon graduation. Read on to learn more!

    Preparing for A CDL Test

    Bulldog Driving School Inc. will prepare you for the written and driving portions of your truck driving test with the following training:

    • 40 Hours of Classroom Training
    • 80 Hours Observation
    • 40 Hours Behind the Wheel, Driving on Local and Interstate Roads

    After your classes are finished, you will take your driving test on the same roads and courses where you trained. We give you every advantage you need to pass your CDL exam and start the career of your dreams. Don’t delay—call us now.

    Bulldog CDL Driving School

    The Best Commercial Driving License (CDL) School in the Chicago Area.

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    Classes are also available in the following languages:

    Arabic CDL


    Spanish CDL


    Russian CDL


    Ukrainian CDL


    Polish CDL



    Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

    “The best school ever I had .the manager so nice man very respectful ,the team who teach me to drive very professional.”

    Waleed Khalid

    “hi bulldog school is the right place to start your new life is perfect they teach you fast and right and simple way, the teacher is professional the instructor they are so nice whith student they teach you how to maneuver semi in 40 hours , come to bulldog you will be happy , i wish long life to bulldog”

    Brahim Chabou

    “really good school.. real professional staff and specially the pre-trip teacher (the owner i believe) is really good, he make you laught and imagine the things hes talking about, good way of teaching..”

    Conejo Cardona

    “Pretty good. I have no complaints. Staff was helpful and very affordable”

    Cordero Glasco

    “it was very professional and pleasure ,to learn everything that I am using today on the road.Thank you guys Mike”


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